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Core Dynamics在创建Vulture时将其专业知识发挥到了极致,它采用先进的技术将两个大型硬点集成到舰船的紧凑型车架中。制造商还为Vulture配备了强大的侧向推进器,使其能够躲避进来的火同时造成重大伤害,并使其在战斗中特别致命。 Core Dynamics pushed its expertise to the limit when creating the Vulture, employing sophisticated techniques to integrate two large hardpoints into the ship's compact frame. The manufacturer also graced the Vulture with powerful lateral thrusters, allowing it to evade incoming fire while dealing significant damage, and making it particularly deadly in combat.

Vulture是Core Dynamics制造的一艘船。 Vulture具有两个大硬点,主要用作重型空间优势战斗机,将强大的火力打包到一个相对较小的框架中,从而抵消了其有限的武器数量和令人印象深刻的最高速度。它在对大型,防御良好的目标的打击任务中表现出色,其灵活的飞行特性使其对较小的目标同样具有毁灭性。尽管由于有限的内部隔间,秃鹰很难适应战斗以外的角色,但这并没有阻止它成为那些喜欢在交易中表现出某种态度的人的首选私人交通工具。



防守上,秃鹰在纸上拥有令人印象深刻的统计数据。它具有所有小型船舶中最高的基础护盾和装甲强度,具有非常好的内部隔室,并且具有四个公用设施安装架,与Python和Federal Gunship等大型船相同。 Vulture最大的防御缺点是功率容量有限,这极大地限制了可行的负载选择,并且需要智能模块优先级控制。

秃ul的另一个缺点是它的速度,它比大多数其他小型船甚至某些中型船都要低。这使得要赶上目标并保持警惕是很困难的。秃鹰的速度不足可通过强大的机动性得到缓解,它仅次于Eagle MkII。


总体而言,秃鹰的作用就像一个小型的费德兰斯。它的大小在力量方面保持不败,但在其他任何方面都是最差的舰船之一。由于它仅限于赏金狩猎,因此几乎没有选择余地,而且指挥员的单舰性能很差,由于它们的多功能能力,Asp Explorer或Keelback可能更具吸引力。




笔者曾经尝试过等离子炮, 虽然说Vulture搭配等离子炮在网上被称之为小船打大船的标配, 但经过测试, 不太实用, 因为等离子炮没有自瞄,射速和弹药飞行速度也慢,命中率一般。

如果想保证高的输出,不如用带自动瞄准的Beam Laser和直瞄的散弹炮。

去哪里买Vulture: https://eddb.io/station

双chaff  1个point defense

如何找到魔改的材料: https://inara.cz/galaxy-component/


The Vulture is a ship manufactured by Core Dynamics. Featuring two large hardpoints, the Vulture primarily serves as a heavy space-superiority fighter that packs serious firepower into a relatively small frame, offsetting its limited weapon count and unimpressive top speed. It excels in strike missions against larger, well-defended targets, and its nimble flight characteristics make it equally devastating against smaller targets. Although the Vulture has difficulty adapting to roles other than combat due to limited internal compartments, this has not stopped it from becoming a preferred personal transport for those who like to project a certain attitude in their dealings.


In combat, the Vulture is a powerful small-sized ship. It is capable of easily staying out of the firing range of tougher ships like Anacondas or Pythons and its two large hardpoints are capable of dishing out fairly heavy damage. Moreover, since class 3 weapons don't suffer damage reduction against large sized ships, unlike classes 1 and 2, the Vulture can be seen as an anti-large-ship specialist, while smaller ships can be utterly dominated in seconds even without engineering. However, the low number of hardpoints means weapons such as Missiles, Mines, Torpedoes or Railguns are not viable as they have limited ammo capacities and are not all available in Class 3. This limits the Vulture to only conventional weaponry. As for weapon mount types, both fixed and gimballed mounts are viable, but turreted mounts are inadvisable due to their higher power consumption, lower damage and that they don't take advantage of the Vulture's agility.

Defensively, the Vulture has impressive statistics on paper. It possesses the highest base shield and armour strengths out of all small sized ships, it has very good internal compartments, and it has four utility mounts, the same as larger ships such as Python and Federal Gunship. The Vulture's biggest defensive drawback is its limited power capacity, however, and this greatly limits viable loadout choices and requires smart module priority control.

Another disadvantage of the Vulture is its speed, which is lower than most other small sized ships and even some medium sized ships. This makes it a struggle to catch up to targets and keep under fire. The Vulture's deficient speed is mitigated by formidable manoeuvrability, which is second only to the Eagle MkII.

The Vulture suffers from overspecialization and is very poor in any job besides combat. Unlike the Fer-de-Lance it does very poorly as an anti-Thargoid ship, as its low number of hardpoints limits its use of AX weaponry, leaving it without many options to deal with Interceptors. Against Scouts it also suffers as it will struggle to keep a sightline on the quick moving ships; since it cannot make much use of turreted mounts and they will quickly tear the ship to pieces. Its cargo capacity is much lower than other ships near its price range, so it will do very poorly in any form of trading, mining or pirating. However, its agility makes collecting cargo easier, meaning collector limpets are not needed. It has awful jump range at a woeful maximum of 22.36 ly without engineering, the second lowest of any small sized ship making it not only useless as an explorer, it cannot easily get to Interstellar Factors to clear any bounties.

Overall the Vulture functions as a small Fer-de-Lance; unbeaten in sheer power for its size but is one of the worst ships in any other role. Because it is so limited to Bounty Hunting it has very few options and makes a poor single vessel for a commander to fly and the Asp Explorer or Keelback may be more appealing due to their multi-purpose ability.

The Vulture's two large hardpoints are located above and behind the cockpit, about halfway down the hull of the ship. Due to the spacing between the hardpoints, a loadout of two fixed weapons may have slight issues with converging on smaller targets.

The Vulture has two manned stations. The pilot's station is on the centerline of the ship. The auxiliary station is offset to the port side above and behind the pilot's station. Since turreted mounts are a very bad idea on a Vulture and it has no fighter bay, it is one of the least useful ships for Multicrew.

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